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Blood, sweat, and…so much more sweat



Training for a half marathon during the hot, summer months is not easy.  I’m only three weeks away from my second half marathon of the year, and the heat wave we’ve been experiencing in the Midwest has caused me some discomfort in my training.  The extreme heat during the day means I have to get up early in the morning to do my running, but it is usually still fairly hot out at that time so I still end up feeling overheated early on in my run.  And I also end up sweating a lot.  Like, seriously, a lot.  It drips off the end of my ponytail onto the back of my neck, runs in my eyes (which really burn if I’m wearing my contact lenses), soaks my clothes, and makes my skin slick and slimy (until it dries and becomes all crusty).  It is oh, so sexy.

As if the sweat wasn’t bad enough, my feet got so sweaty on one of my long runs that it caused the skin on the back of my Achilles tendon to get rubbed away and I got blood on my sock and shoe.  It took quite awhile for the bloody hole on my Achilles tendon to heal to the point where it didn’t cause discomfort when I ran, but it’s fine now and hasn’t bothered me on my most recent runs.

This fall is going to be a busy one for me as far as running goes.  I’m doing a 10k run a week before the half marathon this month, then I’m doing a 70-mile relay race in October, and then a four-mile trail run in November.  It’s going to be a blast and I’m looking forward to it.  I’m most definitely looking forward to the cooler temps, too.

I’m still doing other work outs on my non-running days, like cross fit-type stuff at home or in the newly remodeled gym at work.  I’m also still doing the kickboxing thing, which is pretty good cardio.  Recently, my boyfriend (the one I met on the paid dating website back in May) told me he signed up for kickboxing classes in a town near where he lives.  That was a pleasant surprise for me to hear.  My boyfriend doesn’t do much working out and he is definitely not a runner.  But I’m encouraged to hear about his kickboxing development and even though he’s worried it might kill him, I know it won’t and I’m hoping he likes it well enough to stick with it.

Speaking of my boyfriend, I’ll just touch briefly on how things are going.  Things are going well still and despite our busy and opposite schedules, we see each other when we can.  A few weekends ago we spent an entire day together just riding around on his motorcycle and going to antique shops in a small town near his place.  It was a really fun time.  We also had dinner with my bestie and her boyfriend one evening, which was also nice.  He had not met any of my friends yet and I was glad the dinner worked out for all of us to get together.  Now if someone asks how my boyfriend is doing and my bestie happens to be nearby, she pipes up with, “I’ve met him now, you know.  I can verify that he’s real.”  Gee, thanks. 🙂


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