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You had me at zombie apocalypse

I did it. I bit the bullet and joined a paid dating website in addition to keeping my account with the free website. I’ve only been a member of the paid website for about a week but so far I must admit I am pleased with the results so far. Only one, just one, message from a guy that simply said “hi.” That’s out of about a dozen or so messages so far. The rest have been something along the lines of “hey, I really like your profile. Your photos are really nice and you seem like an interesting woman. I’d like to get to know more about you, so feel free to message me back. Hope to hear back from you soon.” Now that’s much more reassuring than what I’d been receiving on the other dating website.
So far I’ve been on five dates, one of which was a second date. And the majority have been good dates. The first was with a guy I’ll call Mr. Dark Hair. He lives about an hour and a half away in a neighboring state on a farm. Yes, a farm. He also co-owns a repair shop with his brother where they refurbish, repair, and restore all kinds of vehicles and motorcycles. That means he pretty much works all the time whether it’s farming or at the shop. So, he’s not a slacker, which is good. But the distance thing is a bit of a drawback.
Anyway, we met for sushi (delicious) then walked around the downtown area of the city in which I live (yeah, he drove all that way to meet me) and ended up at a bar where we chatted until the bar closed. We literally talked about everything and found out we have a lot in common. Pretty much the biggest difference we have is that I live in the city and he lives in the country. I was relieved when I first saw him to find that he looked like his photos because he’s a pretty good looking guy in his photos. He is a couple years younger than I am but seems to have a good head on his shoulders and he’s pretty laid back. I also know that there’s a big difference between being young and being immature. So, I try not to judge a younger guy by his cover, so to speak.
Overall, my date with Mr. Dark Hair went very well, probably the best first date I’ve had so far. He sent me a text after our date thanking me for a good time, that he was pleasantly surprised by me, and that I’m a pretty incredible person. Which of course I thought was very sweet. I responded in kind and said that it was nice to connect with someone the way we connected and that I was glad he wasn’t turned off by my geekiness. I may or may not have mentioned this before, but I am a total geek when it comes to certain things like classic movies, physics, and zombies. For the record, I do not believe the zombie apocalypse can ever occur, but damn if it’s not entertaining subject matter. So, I thought it was cool that Mr. Dark Hair is also entertained by zombies and when I thanked him for not judging my geekiness, he responded by texting “you had me at zombie apocalypse.” Now that’s clever and hilarious and a guy who makes me laugh gets mega points with me. 🙂
Since that date I’ve been texting with Mr. Dark Hair every day and he’s still sweet, kind, funny, and complimentary. And that is part of why I went on a second date with him. This time, however, I decided to go visit him at his farm. And I had a really great time with him. I got to ride in a tractor with him, drove his pickup truck, and helped him put together new patio furniture. It wasn’t like any date I’ve been on, that’s for sure. But for this city girl it was a nice change of pace, and after all that he made dinner and we watched a movie. So far the only real drawback I can see to dating him is the distance thing. But we have plans to go out next week here in the city, so I’m just taking it a step at a time. If things continue to go well, then we’ll figure out that kind of stuff when we need to.
The other first date I had was with Mr. Necktie. He was also a little younger than I and we met at a local bar during happy hour for a drink. He came straight from work and was in a nice dress shirt and tie. We chatted and found out a few things we have in common. We didn’t stay very long and when we left we parted in a positive light. However, there were silent gaps in our conversation and I found myself wracking my brain trying to think of new questions to ask him. I thought he was pretty cute, but either he was nervous or maybe just not the super chatty type at first meeting, so I didn’t feel much of a spark. We’ve continued to keep in contact but no plans have been made yet to meet again.
The next first date I had was with Mr. Beard (not to be confused with Mr. Mustache. And this guy didn’t have a full beard, just like a couple days growth.). Mr. Beard and I met at a bar after I got off work and we had a really nice time. He was also pretty cute and funny and we seemed to have several things in common, like a love of baseball. He is a year older than I and seemed quite laid back and easy going. I enjoyed talking with him and he walked me to my car when we left. I am not a very huggy type person, but I actually initiated a hug with him before we said goodbye. Mr. Beard and I have been continuing to chat and I think I’ll try to make plans to get together with him soon. He actually wanted to hang out again tonight but I wasn’t able to, unfortunately. I do think it will be nice to get to know him better.
The last first date I went on seemed to go okay. It was with a guy I’ll call Mr. Orange Necklace. We met for a drink and chatted and he seemed pretty nice. I didn’t feel any spark of attraction but I did think he was a nice guy and not bad to talk with. Like Mr. Necktie, there were several pauses in our conversation, but unlike Mr. Necktie, these pauses were a bit uncomfortable. Afterwards, I thanked him for a nice time and we went our separate ways. But then I received several fairly angry messages from him in a row right after leaving that made me more sure than ever that I was not missing anything by not seeing him again. The messages weren’t threatening or anything, but it appears as though the guy has some anger and self-esteem issues. He seemed quite bent out of shape about the fact that he felt like he wasted his time and why did I even bother meeting with him. I was like, oh boy, wow, well, that’s a really mature response to give to a girl you just met. I definitely don’t feel badly about not wanting to see him again. Ever. I’m not offended by his reaction, I just find it interesting that he took that one single meeting with me, someone who’s practically a stranger, so seriously. That’s a little much.
And so I’m moving on. I’m excited to have a third date with Mr. Dark Hair next week. I’m hoping Mr. Beard will want to go on a second date with me either this weekend or next week. I’m not sure about Mr. Necktie. We’re still talking, like I said, but nothing very substantial or consistent. The most enjoyable conversations so far I’ve had in person and via text have been with Mr. Dark Hair. From the first moment we said “hi” on our first date to when we finally said “goodbye” at the end of that date, we talked constantly. Even on our second date at his farm, we talked the whole time about all kinds of subjects. He also texts me “good morning” and “good night,” which is very sweet. He admitted he’s kind of a hopeless romantic which could be a good thing after some of the experiences I’ve had. But I think I want to give Mr. Beard a chance too. I need to go out with him again and find out more about him. He interests me and I do find myself attracted to him. But I’m also interested and attracted to Mr. Dark Hair (obviously).
I’m not sure exactly what I’m supposed to do now. I don’t think I want to meet any new guys for now, at least until I figure out more about where things are going with Mr. Dark Hair and Mr. Beard. But as far as deciding between those two, it’s too early to tell. I need to gather more facts before I form an opinion. Turns out the scientific method doesn’t just apply to the hard sciences, it also applies to the social sciences. See, I told you I was a geek. 🙂


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