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You’re Not the Boss of Me, Dating Website!

Here’s a quick update on my dating activities.  No new dates as of the writing of this blog entry, but several new messages from new guys.  Latest cheesy message: “well hello there gorgeous, what’s your name?”  Sigh.  I know it’s meant to be a compliment, but it just comes across as lame.

I’m still messaging back and forth with some of the first few guys I had contact with when I joined up.  And yes, still texting with the one guy to whom I actually gave my number.  I find myself really starting to dig this guy, even though we haven’t met yet.  What’s the hold up, you might ask?  Well, our schedules are both hectic and we just haven’t found a day that works for both of us to meet up.

One of the new guys who messaged me is Indian and literally the first thing that popped into my head was oh boy, I wonder if he knows how to cook Indian food?  Because I love Indian food.  You know that cliché about how the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?  Well, that could easily apply to me.  I mean, I’m eating right now as I’m writing this blog entry.  Thankfully, he was the first one to ask about Indian food and I informed him that Indian food is one of my favorite cuisines.  We’ll see where that takes me, although this guy is one of those who are “looking for someone to marry.”  I don’t want to lead him on, so I’m treading carefully.

So, on to what I really wanted to blog about.  This dating website seems to think it knows what I want.  Yes, I filled out their chemistry questionnaire, but that doesn’t mean it really knows what I want.  All the guys I’ve been in a relationship with in the past have all been pretty different, so I don’t really have a “type.”  But some of the “matches” it comes up with seem so off base for me.  And even though I specified in my initial registration that I don’t want to date someone with kids, I’ve had several guys message me that have kids.  And I don’t just mean joint or visitation type custody, I mean full custody and some with multiple kids.  Sorry, dudes, I’m not interested.  I don’t need any baby mama drama.

Recently, when I was messaging with a new guy, I noticed that next to his name was a link that said “top 10 prospect.”  Hmmm, what is this? I thought.  So I clicked on it and it brought up a list of all the guys I’ve received messages from or with whom I’ve been corresponding and ranked them according to the probability that I’ll develop a long term relationship with them.  Oh really, website?  You think you know me that well, do you?  The list was apparently compiled by a team of “experts in compatibility science.”  Compatibility science??  Give me a break.  There’s no such thing.  They’re just glorified matchmakers.  They also provided me with a few stats, such as 50% of the time my future partner will be in the top 10 on the list and that 17% of the time I will end up dating the first person on the list.  The first person on my list was a guy that had messaged me and to whom I’d never responded because all he said was, “lol hi how are you” and his profile did not intrigue me.  Strike one, website.

I must digress for a moment here because I am not a fan of the acronym “lol.”  When I actually laugh out loud I say hahaha, not lol.  Maybe I’m just weird, but some of the guys I’ve messaged say lol a lot, and it’s a bit annoying.  It’s minor, I know, but I much prefer chatting with the guys who say hahaha instead.  The one guy who has my number and with whom I’ve been texting says hahaha.  I like that.  It’s a little thing, but little things matter, right?

Anywho, back to the top 10 prospect list.  Three of the guys I’ve been corresponding with are in the top 10, so that’s not so far off.  Clearly, I’m interested in them or I would not continue to correspond.  But the majority of the list consists of the guys I’ve either never responded to or corresponded very little.  So much for compatibility science.  Putting the word “science” behind something does not, in fact, make it a science.

I am also beginning to suspect that the website is using my demographic information to try to lure me into clicking on some of the ads it shows.  Shocking, I know.   For instance, there’s an ad that keeps popping up on the website that says something like “Wealthy single men want to meet you!  If you’re athletic and 32, we need you!  There’s a shortage of 32 year old women available!  Click now!”  Really?  There’s a shortage?  I had no idea.  Has the mainstream media been alerted to this crisis?  What happened to all the other 32 year old women?

There’s also an ad that says something like, “If you are 32 you can lose 3 kgs of belly fat per week using this trick.”  Now most people who know me know that I do not need to lose 3 kgs of belly fat per week.  Otherwise, I’d be anorexic and look awful.  I’m a tiny girl, I do fine on my own.  And why is it only 32 year olds who can lose that weight?  What about 31 year olds?  Or 45 year olds?  Is it such a small window of opportunity to lose weight with this trick?  How special is this trick?  I’d be curious to know how many people actually click on these ads.

So, there’s a feature on this dating website that allows you to upgrade your membership for a small fee and that gets you added benefits such as being able to see when your favorites were last online, who read your messages, and send gifts to other users.  Personally, I think that sounds like you pay to become a stalker.  Why hasn’t he answered my message?  When was he last online, maybe I can send him another message during that time?  Maybe I should send an animated gift, then he’ll answer my message for sure!  Yikes.  I can just see some of these upgraded members getting a little carried away.  The reason I’m using this website is because it’s free.  My philosophy is why should I pay to get contacted by freaks and assholes when I can do it for free?

Hopefully at some point soon I will get to meet up with the guy I’ve been texting.  I’ll call him Mr. Nice Eyes, because that’s what I noticed about his profile photo.  I will definitely not be meeting up with the guy who contacted me a couple days ago wanting to know if I’d come to his college graduation party this weekend.  Thankfully, I had a legitimate excuse for not meeting that guy because I work this weekend.


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