From Chatting and Browsing on Dating Websites to…The Date

So I finally went on my first dates through the dating website.  Yes, that’s “dates,” plural.  The first date was completely last minute.  I started chatting with the guy via the dating website late one evening and things seemed to start off well.  The next morning I received a message from him that he was passing through my town and wanted to know if I’d meet for coffee.  I’d literally just woken up and my brain was kind of fuzzy, but as soon as I read that message, I was wide awake.  I quickly messaged him back and after a little back and forth between us, we decided on a place to meet for coffee.  I took maybe one of the quickest showers I’ve ever taken and hurried out the door without even blow drying my hair.

The guy, I’ll call him Mr. Fitness, was very nice.  We ended up having several things in common and a nice time chatting.  Although I didn’t really feel much of an attraction, I was definitely intrigued.  It was, overall, a pretty decent coffee date.  He wasn’t weird or boring or anything like that.  However, there was a man in the booth behind him who was most definitely weird.  He was sort of talking to himself and when someone walked by his booth, he grunted and mumbled incoherently at them.  I have no idea if Mr. Fitness heard him or not.  I can’t imagine that he didn’t.  But he never let on and after a slight pause in the conversation, we continued talking and eventually the date ended.

Since then, Mr. Fitness and I decided not to continue communicating because we had different end goals in mind for each other.  I didn’t want anything serious right away and he wanted something more exclusive and serious.  But that’s the way things work sometimes.  I was honest with him from the start and it really doesn’t hurt my feelings that he didn’t find what he was looking for in me.  I mean, we barely knew each other for about 24 hours.  It’s not a big deal.

The second date had been planned for several days.  It was a lunch date with a guy I’ll call Mr. Mild.  My reaction to how the date went is pretty much a shoulder shrug with a “meh.”  Mr. Mild was just that, mild.  He was very nice, very polite, and he asked good questions.  I don’t know if he was nervous or what, but I just got the impression that he was a very quiet and reserved guy.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Except that I have a strong personality and use lots of sarcasm and humor (and gestures; in fact, I’m gesturing as I proofread this post).  I like to give shit to people I know and I expect them to dish it right back to me.  Mr. Mild didn’t strike me as the type to do that.  And, unfortunately, that is not very interesting to me.  So, although I didn’t have a bad time, I wasn’t very intrigued and I think I’ll cease communicating with Mr. Mild.

What’s next?  Who knows?  I’m still communicating with some other guys on the dating website.  One guy sent his phone number to me in a message awhile ago in case I felt it would be easier to contact him that way.  I held off on giving him my number because I never just give out my number.  I like to get to know someone first.  But recently I sent him a text and so now he has my number, and we’ve been communicating via text ever since.  No more dates scheduled right now.  But I’ve only been doing the online dating thing for about a week now.  I’m practically a newborn.  I’ve got a long way to go, a lot to experience, and lots of people to meet.


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